Learning Lessons from the Haitian Children

touta school

Feguenson Jean is 14-years old and plays as a midfielder on the Haitian Initiative U16 boys team.  He has been with the program since it began in 2012.  His broad smile can illuminate the darkest room.  A sixth-grader at Foi de Job school in Cité Soleil, his favorite subject is French.  Although he loves to study language, Feguenson is drawn to mechanical things and hopes to work on ‘mechanical stuff’ after he completes high school.

His father passed away three years ago.  He shares the single room of his home with his mother, two brothers and two sisters.  If you ask him what his favorite activity is other than playing fútbol at the Haitian Initiative, he will answer with that same, broad grin, “I like to clean dishes for my mother.”  When pressed further, he’ll add, “And I like to do homework!”

Feguenson’s desire to help extends beyond his home.  Joubert Louis is the Equipment Manager at the Haitian Initiative facility in Cité Soleil.  Field Manager Denis Sanon tells this story:

“Since I came to HI two years ago, I have noticed that Feguenson helps Joubert organize equipment and take it to the field every day.  ‘How long have you been doing this?’ I asked him one day.  ‘Since HI started,’ he answered.  ‘Why do you do this?’ I asked.  Feguenson smiles and says, ‘One day Joubert asked me to help him.  I felt very good that he asked me, so I did it and have been doing it ever since.’"

The Haitian children continue to teach us valuable lessons that we are too often blind to see in our frantically paced American society.  Many of our children share the same desire to help one another and improve the community they live in as Feguenson does.  Feguenson does not have a sponsor.  Please contact Gene Kraay at  gkraay@thesannehfoundation.org if you would like to sponsor this young boy or another child like him.