TSF and Dreamline began its partnership with schools with pilot implementation in one Saint Paul Public School (SPPS) in 2011-12.  Since that time, Dreamline has expanded to partnerships with four school districts and thirteen high schools and middle schools in 2016-17.


Kehinde Reuben, Director of Programs


The Saint Paul Team

Sovatha Oum
Program Manager
SPPS High Schools

Ivy Love
Staff Development Coordinator

Como High School

Site Coordinator: Hussein Mohamed

Dreamline Coach: Danai Kerbaugh

Harding High School

Lead Coach: John Rose

Promise Fellow: Nicole Walker

Highland Park High School

Site Coordinator: Isaiah Dennis

Promise Fellow: Edward "Ed" Song

Humboldt High School

Site Coordinator: David Mendez

Promise Fellow: Cynthia Diaz

Promise Fellow:  Jessica Perez-Adame

Washington Magnet Technology School

Site Coordinator: Brad Harris

Promise Fellow: Robert Edwards

Battle Creek Middle School

Site Coordinator: Anjinsan "AJ" Vang

Promise Fellow: Julie Kalinowski

The Minneapolis Team

Thomas Toley
Dreamline Program Manager

 Jefferson Community School

Site Coordinator: Kevin Arnold

Dreamline Coach: Moti Lemu

The St. Cloud Team

Kim Johnson
Program Manager
St. Cloud

Appollo High School

Site Coordinator: Samantha Kalthoff

Promise Fellow: Evan Bell

Technical High School

Site Coordinator: Alli Nicosia

Promise Fellow: Mickie Sarclay

Promise Fellow: Danielle "Dani" Meyer

North Junior High School

Site Coordinator: Maryan Diriya

Promise Fellow: Erin Anderson

South Junior High School

Site Coordinator: Teanna Taylor

Promise Fellow: Dan Stoterau

The Rochester Team

Leanna Larson
Program Manager

Century High School

Site Coordinator: Kyle Riggot

Dreamline Coach: Nermeen Khalil

John Marshall High School

Mayo High School

Site Coordinator: Rodney Sharp

Kellogg Middle School

Dreamline Coach: Samuel Bangura