Spring Break Impact Trip - Day 1 Blog Post by Ben Carlsson - 3/13/17

Impact Trip Haitian Initiative Sponsor Haiti

As the plane eased onto the runway, I looked outside through the tiny window and I saw a giant mountain. At the foot of it was a bunch of houses, unlike any houses I have ever seen. They looked very clumped together, but not in an organized way. They seemed smushed together.

Walking down the stairs towards the baggage claim, the lights in the airport began to flicker, and then they went off completely. Sure, we have the occasional power outage in Minnesota, but here, what was weird to me, and what suggested that this was more than an occasional thing, was the fact everyone around me did not seem to care that they were now in darkness.

When we started driving to the guest house, I got to see what life was like more up close in Haiti. Instead of the disaster-struck place the news painted a picture of, the streets were filled with people roaming them, dodging the many cars and motorcycles that they shared the roads with. When we as a group walked through the streets, we became outsiders as every person from Haiti we passed stared at us as we walked.

I feel as though I have only seen a glimpse of what Haiti truly is, and I am excited to learn more about the culture.