Spring Break Impact Trip Day Four Blog Post by Emmett Adam – 3/16/17

Impact Trip Haitian Initiative Sponsor Haiti

After a day of playing soccer with local Haitan boys, driving through the countryside, and climbing through a waterfall we all hoped to rest up for the next day. However, two rooms had a rude awakening when both Ben and Ceci interrupted everyone’s sleep at 2:00 AM with violent vomit. We got past this and were later on our way to some much-needed rest during the hour-long drive to a beach resort. We turned off of a main road to a large gate and were amazed by the resort. After passing the check in area we saw tennis courts, basketball courts, a pool, a restaurant, hotel rooms, oh and not to mention the beautiful ocean.

We began the morning swimming in the ocean, playing soccer, and diving off rafts. Later in the day some of us went on a short, wooden boat ride to a small coral reef and had the chance to swim with fish, explore the coral, and snorkel. However the boat ride wasn’t so smooth sailing. While on the way to the reef there was a minor drone accident with one of our chaperone’s Klever when trying to land the drone onto a moving boat. Thankfully everyone was ok in the end.

Following some lunch and more fun in the ocean, we all showered and made our way to the next stop. Our final stop was at the Sports Disciple Foundation soccer fields. We talked to the founder and he told us about their mission of giving cleats to kids of all ages, playing soccer, feeding the hungry kids, and integrating in-service work into their Friday schedule. We played, talked, and coached with the kids for a while and later both Tony and the Founder talked to the players and our group. Tony made the goal for both groups to teach each other to sing, pray, and dance. The kids had high energy and danced around us, while we attempted to dance as well as them. Sadly, Lucas filmed the whole routine.

After spending time with the kids, we jumped back in the car and were shortly back at Nicole’s place.  We found Ben back at home better than before due to his trip to the hospital. After eating dinner, showering, and a few hours of rest I find myself writing this blog post. All in all, it was a great beach day, as we had some much-needed rest.

Emmett Adam

Impact Trip Haitian Initiative Sponsor Haiti