Spring Break Impact Trip Day Three Blog Posts – 3/15/17

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Lath Akpa's Blog Post

We went to the waterfalls today through the mountains of Haiti. It was a very long drive but it was equally beautiful with amazing views. When people tell me about Haiti, it is always about the ruined neighborhoods and destruction, but today the team and I were very fortunate to see a different side of Haiti. The waterfall was taller and more intense than any other water fall that I had ever seen in the past. It even caught me up in it and threw me down. We met these Haitian locals who helped us traverse the running water of the waterfall. They shared their stories and it was nice to hear about a different living condition than Cite Soliel.


Michael Forsgren's Blog Post

Yesterday was still settling into my head this morning and right away there was an entirely new set of events ahead of me. A two-hour car ride allowed me to view all the different towns I could think of. From deep in the city, all the way to high in the mountains, I was able to see how all the people of Haiti lived their lives. Either from selling goods on the street or carrying rocks to the mountain villages, everyone has their own way of making their way through life.

I had low expectations when I was walking down the stairs to the waterfall at the very top of the mountain. After seeing gutters filled with garbage and unnatural colors like pink, green, and grey; I couldn't imagine what could be tainting yet another natural sight. Though, what I walked into was an encapsulating view. Perfectly clear water crashed down on the brown rocks, all overlooking an endless green valley. When I took my first steps in the refreshing water, hands were constantly offered to help me get to the top. Whenever I slipped or had a little hiccup, there was no laughter or jokes made. There was just more support. When I made it to the very top, the feeling of the cold water was amazing. Even though I was completely soaking it was an incredible experience. Not only because of the waterfall itself, but spending time with the other teens and children. The people of our same age were so comfortable with the rocks and the streams that it only took them five seconds to scale a wall that others took ten minutes with.

Catching minnows with young children was especially interesting. It made me notice how people are such specialists in the things they do. When all those people come together it makes a well oiled machine and that’s what’s so special about Haiti. It’s all hardworking people just trying to push their country forward.

Impact Trip Haitian Initiative Sponsor Haiti