Spring Break Impact Trip Night One - Blog Post by CeCe Lindsey - 3/13/17

Impact Trip Haitian Initiative Sponsor Haiti

You can't make it big, thinking small like a insect. And oh, let me tell you there are a lot of those here.

We arrived from Fort Lauderdale after leaving the bad weather behind in the Midwest. We departed at 3:30 am and thought we wouldn't make it out of our first connecting flight from Chicago - but we did and I added impact trip lead coordinator to my resume. Bringing a pack of 15 and 16 year old boys through the airport is tough work, mostly because no one got sleep from the night before, and I am 5 feet tall.

The baggage attendants in customs were a little frantic. Three males would beg to carry a backpack, or push a cart in hopes of receiving a tip. There was a dramatic change in the temperature the minute we walked outside. We walked through what looked like the waiting line to get on a roller coaster at an amusement park, it was like a tight maze being pushed towards our transportation. Pre-leaving the county I thought we would be transported in a safe version of the bed of a truck but we piled into two separate cars, driving down a bumpy, sandy, uneven road. The traffic was chaotic. As I am trying to look out the window and not pay attention to what is in front of us. I find myself anxiously grabbing my knee caps. Haitians fill an uncontrolled intersection, flocking to our vehicle saying, "Bonsai" and asking for dollar bills. We pull up to the home, the boys arrived first, and I remember just seeing three of them smushed with their faces to the window.  Everyone immediately started sweating.

We got acquainted with the neighborhood by going on a walk, it was very interesting to see groups of families and friends standing under trees and on the side of the road, just enjoying each others' company. It was simple. We returned to the house in time for dinner. First fried plantain, check!