Under Armour Mall of America Super Bowl Experience


The Sanneh Foundation stayed as busy as we could during the week of Super Bowl 52 hosted in our home-state of Minnesota in the gorgeously architected U.S. Bank Stadium. The twin cities were filled with action. Stars and celebrities were here from all over the states, embracing the cold weather that is a staple of Minnesota culture.

With all of the buzz in the city, opportunities for youth to participate in super bowl experience events were booming. The Sanneh Foundation definitely got involved in the boom, as we want our youth to be able to partake in every healthy, memorable, and learning opportunity that may become available. This particular event was a unique combine style boot-camp training from Under Armour, at the Mall of America.

Students from Conway ranging from elementary age to middle school were invited out to the Mall of America for an Under Armour Super Bowl experience like none other. The students who signed up to go didn’t know what they were in for. A bus pulled up to Conway to take the kids out to Bloomington. The kids were really excited and full of energy and laughter on the way there. But this wasn’t an ordinary trip to the mall. Once we arrived, we walked through the mall as a group to the Under Armour store, where we were met by a representative who then took us down the way to Macy’s Court, where an Under Armour station was set up was set up with on wide platform, with a DJ, photographers, and trainers in a small rotunda.

The kids all lined up to receive a free T-shirt and swag bag before entering into the platform where they were introduced to Under Armour trainer, Coach Trevor Anderson of Better Everyday Orlando, and put into warm-up lines. At this point, the kids were shocked that they were entering into a workout! For many of the kids, this was their first real training session.

Coach Anderson ran through warm-ups such as arm-circles, inchworms, backpedals, and short sprints (as much as the small space would allow), among more.  After the warm-up, the group was led through an intense workout and dynamic activity that included squat jumps, lunges, bear crawls, plus more- and of course, ending with some nice planks for core and abs.  Coach Anderson made sure to teach the children lessons of discipline, respect, and togetherness through the session. If children were misbehaving, push-ups were the consequence. Coach Anderson also stopped the workout session periodically to talk and give some advice to the kids about respect, and togetherness- giving the students examples of what he has seen through his experience of people making the wrong decisions which led them to places that no person wants to be. The messages were stern, but also filled with hope and meaning, to inspire the children to be great both physically and in life.

The kids were definitely shocked that they were brought to the mall for a workout, but seeing their faces through the session, we could tell that they truly enjoyed it and all learned something from Coach TA. When it was all over, we took some pictures with the Under Armour staff, and students were gifted with a free Under Armour swag bag to go along with the awesome shirts they received. The group was escorted back through the mall to our bus, and taken back to Conway to be picked up by their parents.

It was a great experience being able to bring our community to Bloomington to learn how to work out, and the importance of discipline from a trusted source. Thank you to Under Armour and Coach Trevor Anderson for inviting us out! Click the link to view more pictures: