April Haiti Impact Trip Day 3 4/4/2018 - Julie Fallenstein


Mission Trip to Haiti – Life Changing experiences

We have been in Haiti now for two and a half days and I have seen so many things; children extremely eager to learn English, focused intently on the instructor; children excited to play soccer, on a gravel soccer field in heat that felt like 95 degrees and children thrilled and thankful to receive some extra food and water.  This is what grateful looks like.

We took a walk through a local neighborhood and we greeted by multiple children that took our hands and walked by our side.  I have seen poverty on TV, in brochures, and on the internet, but nothing hits you like when a 4 year old girl standing next to you only wearing a torn pair of underwear with a bloated belly and then smiles for your photo.  That will take your breath away.

We were blessed today with a beautiful day at the beach.  Clear water, blue sky and sunshine surrounded us with new friends, teaming together to help change the world!!  We will make a difference!


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