Blog Post - HI Trip Day 1 by Tim Reppe, 01/15/17


I'm hoping to make an impact on this trip but not quite sure how yet.  I've seen pictures & read news about devastation,  disease, & poverty on a massive scale.  I could get a sense of it on the ride from the airport to Nicole's place seeing infrastructure mostly in a state of disrepair.  I see people who are in need (but don't want to rush to judge on their condition).

There is a lot to be done in this country.   And I am just one person.  Can I really make an immediate impact and one that will last?  Just read that Sean Penn's Haiti Rising organization raised $37M in aid.  At the same time we're discouraged from handing out money & gifts.  Then what is the purpose of me coming?

I believe I can make an impact with the power of human contact.  Spending time with kids has the ability to touch his or her life in a way that money cannot.  With soccer as the medium I can be a role model for the children in attitude, discipline & teamwork.  This can be with hundreds of kids or just 1.  I believe that making an impact with just one child can have a multiplying effect after you've gone as he or she continues to pay it forward.

The first day of volunteering has yet to begin & there are many unknowns.  But I'm anxious to get started.