Conway Hosts Second Annual Holiday Party


St. Paul, Minnesota - December 21st

On any given night, the gymnasium at Conway Community Center is packed with youth participating in sports and after-school activities with their peers.  On Wednesday night, Conway was filled with life and enthusiasm for a different reason.

From 6:30-8:00 p.m. The Sanneh Foundation and Conway Community Center hosted its second annual Holiday Party for kids and families in St. Paul. Over 150 guests filled the gym to near capacity throughout the evening. The person that led the planning process for the party was Conway Programs Director Ofir Germanic.

Germanic and the Conway staff prepared and served a dinner of hot dogs, chips, cookies, and drinks to all the hungry party goers. After eating dinner, the kids participated in huge games of "red rover" and "freeze tag." There was also a makeshift stage that was created on one side of the gym, which was utilized for karaoke. Dozens of kids were able to sing their favorite songs to the crowd while the Conway staff danced and joined in.

Recently, The Sanneh Foundation obtained 40 bikes that were to be given away to youth in need. The bikes were paid for and built by a company called Ace Solid Waste, who then gifted the bikes to Bikes4Kids. Bikes4Kids then donated the kids bikes to TSF. After sitting in storage for two weeks, the bikes were given away at the Holiday Party in the form of a raffle. Kids were able to enter their name into the raffle at the beginning of the event, and the lucky winners were able to go home with a brand new ride! Subsequently to the bikes being distributed, brand new soccer balls were raffled off to contestants as well.

The Sanneh Foundation and Conway Community Center were extremely pleased with the diverse turnout and the electric atmosphere last night! Thank you all for helping us to continue our mission to empower kids, improve lives and unite communities.

Happy Holidays!