December Impcat Trip Day 1 - Malani Lee - 12/9/2017

haitian initiative, impact trip, haiti

Wake up time 6:45 am because the earlier we wake the closer we get to helping out the beautiful people in my favorite place Cite De Soleil a part of Haiti. Cite De Soleil is known as dangerous, poor, high crime YET every time I go there it is nothing but smiles. Smiles that can light up a room and laughter that brings you nothing but joy. We start off by going to soccer practice where the kids are playing on dirt, mud, and rubble but you couldn’t tell. The goalkeepers will dive, the field players will slide, and you’d assume they are playing on perfect grass by the way their bodies hit the ground. All they want is love and support and every day we go we try to give it to them. Pictures, videos, and hugs were constantly being given and you could just feel the love. From then on we went and grabbed a bite to eat at a local cafe and we were able to sit and observe and listen to beautiful Haiti. Following this, we went to the boxing arena where we watched over a hundred children warm up, laugh, and cheer each other on together, pure joy! Lastly, we went to the coaches office of the boxing program where they had welcome signs, and invited us in with open arms. We made jump rope, bag, and shirt, donations to the program and the coaches acted as if they had won a million dollars such selfless people, wholesome people. I couldn’t be happier to be back in my favorite place and I look forward to what’s to come tomorrow.

Thank you everyone, be back tomorrow.