December Impact Trip Day 3 - Jessica Mendez - 12/11/2017


Waking up early on a Monday morning is usually the most dreaded thing but when you wake up early to the rising sun in Haiti, life is exciting knowing that you've got a full day of adventure ahead of you. The first thing on tap for this morning was jumping in the pool while others kept sleeping. After an hour of swimming the day had been planned away and it was time to dry off and get ready. 

As we left Nicole's place, we knew we were in for a treat as we headed to Croix de Bouquets - an artist village full of metal work. Things looked as if they were possibly massed produced but when you looked down the alleys or walked past shops you saw the men - both young and old - working hard on chiseling away the metal into these beautiful designs. My 4yr old was most excited to find her favorite animal - giraffe - amongst the workings. 

After lunch we headed to the HI fields where we were greeted with smiles and lots of "hey you". At one point while walking to the fields I was almost tackled by being caught off guard when a little naked 2yr old boy ran up and gave me a giant hug. 

During practice, my 4yr old got knocked down and to my pleasant surprise, 2 little girls from the opposing team stopped playing and helped her up. Also to my surprise, there were no tears from my little one after falling on the sharp rubble that is known as the soccer field here in Citè Soleil. 

Seeing the streets, the houses, the soccer field, the lack of water, one would think that the people here would be miserable; however, the people here welcome us with open arms, smiling faces, and loving hearts. They want for nothing but maybe hoping for a pair of cleats that are actually able to be worn without the bottom flapping when you walk and quite possibly a quick drink of clean water. 

Heading home at the end of the week, I know I'll remember that life is about relationships. I'll remember the kids' voices that I just met, as they yell my name as I walk down the street of Citè Soleil just to get a wave. I'll remember the importance of someone's name. I'll remember the people.