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A big shoutout and heartfelt thank you to all the participants of the Golf4Goals event! Your generous contributions are not just about golf – they are about empowering communities and making a lasting impact.

With your support, The Sanneh Foundation is turning swings into change and putts into progress. Your money is a driving force behind community programs, education initiatives, and opportunities for growth.

Congratulations to our top teams:

Morning Flight:

1st Place:  Jake Miller, Kyle Chank, Andrew Isaacson, Bryan Harper

2nd Place:  David Green, Cameron McCall, Gautham Pradan Ramu, Mike Knox

3rd Place:  Jack Reister, Tom Schutt, Daren Jones, Alex Leivermann

Afternoon Flight:

1st Place:  Lanee Noble, George Esbensen, Marty Sheerer, Duane Poppe

2nd Place:  Noah Rouen, Stan Jackson, Shawn Wooten, Darron VanHelden

3rd Place: Joey Wertz, Allison Gunther, Jake Wargo, Brett Keirstead

Congratulations to the Sanneh game winners:

Putting Contest MNUFC Tickets:  Adam D.

Putting Contest Wine:  Will B.

Putting Contest Saint Tickets: Lee A.

Putting Contest Wheel of Fortune: Katya P.

50/50 Raffle:  Al L.