Grief/Pain & Consideration


Death and grief have a very bold presence in Haitian culture. Although death and sickness are facts of life wherever you go, I feel that it is especially part of everyday life and conversation here in a country with limited access to good healthcare and a million other complex issues. A couple of weeks ago, a Haitian friend of mine passed away very young. This week alone, I can’t even count how many children I helped to register in HI’s program whose parents have died in these kids’ short lifetimes.

Pain and sickness are also equally present wherever you go here. So many walk around visibly maimed, from the time of the earthquake or from other tragedies. Many more are spiritually afflicted and otherwise struggle daily with physical maladies. It still blows my mind that the average person here doesn’t have easy access to painkillers to treat a simple headache.

In the past few weeks, one of the things that I have witnessed that warms my heart is the care and concern that HI shows toward their staff and the children in their program. Each staff member is encouraged to take days off. When someone has a family emergency or a funeral to attend, they know that their jobs are secure. Children who have been sick or injured are checked up on. The general well-being of everyone is held in high regard, as it should be. It helps to create a safe and healthy environment for the kids, which is upheld as the highest goal. Keep up the good work, HI.

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