Haiti Impact Trip 4/1/2018 - Cassie Johnson

Happy Easter Fools Day! Today, Sunday April 1st, April Fool's Day and also Easter, we all arrived in Haiti. I was especially anxious all day because I was flying Standby and I am SO HAPPY, and relieved, that I made it here to write this post! I'm so excited to submerge myself into a new culture and open my heart, my eyes and my mind to a different lifestyle. This coming week is going to be full of new, and life-changing, experiences.
When the plane was coming into Haiti, I was looking out the window and an overwhelming sadness came over me when I saw the condition of Port Au Prince.  The sadness grew as we were being transported back to Nicole's Place, the guesthouse we will stay at for the next week. There is garbage EVERYWHERE. Once, there used to be a river that flew through the middle of town. Today, no water remains, only garbage taking its place. Heartbreaking. Along the streets, there are merchants selling anything you can think of. I saw lots of groups, what I'm assuming are friends and families, gathering around tables playing cards and having some drinks. Despite the conditions they are surrounded by, they had genuine smiles on their faces and that alone inspires me.
The guesthouse is quite beautiful, covered in purple and white flowers that climb the walls and pergola. When I arrived, I had to change out of my jeans and long sleeve shirt right away. The heat and humidity are no joke. After throwing on some shorts, I found myself relaxing by the pool with two participants I had just met on the ride over, talking away the rest of the afternoon. When Tony and Tod arrived, we sat down and had a delicious dinner. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. But overall, it was very good and satisfying.
The night is coming to an end by blogging and relaxing. I cannot wait to get this week started and soak up every minute of it!
N'a wè talè! See you soon!
Cassie Johnson (Dreamline Coach/Promise Fellow)