April Haiti Impact Trip Day 1 4/2/2018 - Kent Campbell


Today began like most days arise with daily rituals but at an earlier time than usual to set forth on a new adventure. The first reminder of being in a new country was flipping the light switch and having no power as this is dictated by the state as to when the power is on or off.  In spite of this the house staff had prepared a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruits, breads, meaty and amazing coffee all from local sources. They toil at their craft from early each morning to late each evening with preparation and cleanup.  Today we set off for the Waterfalls in the mountains, the van was packed with all of us and darted and veered through the heavy 7 AM morning traffic, driving in Port au prince is not for the faint of heart and of course riding along can and is a bit mind boggling at times.  From the city we arrived into the countryside as we climbed the roads became more bumpy and winding to and fro causing a bit of unsettling in the head and the stomach.  After a three hour drive we arrive to pile out and walked down a multitude of steps to a beautiful cascading waterfall partially hidden in the treed rising and slopping terrain. The young folks at the park were assisting us at every step as we climbed into the mist and cool breeze from the falls.  After a great respite from the heat of the city a few hours of relaxed ease was worth the journey.  The trip back to the city now commenced bouncing to and fro stopping a few times to rearrange and let the travel uneasiness settle.  Upon reaching the city we headed for Cite Sole and the Haitian Initiative feeding station and soccer fields. Where we met the dedicated staff that feed two hundered plus kids as well as provide an opportunity to play soccer.  We enjoyed a delicious meal of rice, beans and meat and of course several bottles of water.  Moving down a few blocks  we arrived a the walled fields made of crushed gravel the young athletes were excited to meet us and play the game they love.

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