HI Impact Trip Blog Day 4 - 2/4/17

Impact Trip Haitian Initiative Sponsor Haiti

Today we went to the Apparent Project, which is a non-profit organization. Their focus is to “make the needs of Haiti known,” to offer opportunities for the Haitians be able to provide for themselves and their families, empowering them to rise up out of poverty and to be able to keep their families together, to avoid relinquishing their children to orphanages. It was very heartwarming to see what they have done for the community.

Shortly after, we went to Haiti Initiative. Alongside the road as we walked to and from the fields from the HI center, there were rivers of muddy sewage filled with garbage. We watched as a pig was knee deep, eating the waste. We were again welcomed with smiles and laughs from the kids as we approached the field. I was holding back my tears as we sang along with a young boy named Amos, on the soccer team when he came quietly singing "bless the Lord oh my soul oh my soul worship His Holy name sing like never before oh my soul I'll worship Your Holy name."

It is still so overwhelming to me that our culture wants more of everything when the Haitian people have so little and are happy with their community and religion. I can only hope that we can make a difference here as well as when we get home to raise awareness.