HI Impact Trip Day 6 By Becca Jarson - 2/6/17


One phrase is often said at the end of many trips - 'I can't believe today is the last day'. This thought was running through our heads as we gathered our things for the day and set off on our drive to Wahoo Bay Beach for another day of fun in the sun! Although our last day was solely reserved for relaxation, we were determined that it would make just as much of an impact as our first few days did. 

If there was one thing I could tell everyone they need to do while they are here, it would be to drive through the streets of Haiti. That in itself can teach you more than you ever imagined. Every area is so different. The scenery, the structures, the living conditions and even the people. Today was Carnival, which is a celebration held over several weeks each year leading up to Mardi Gras. On our drive, we saw men and women, kids and adults, dressed in the most random patterned clothing, long skirts made of leaves that look like took hours to make, and full face masks leaving room for only the eyes and the mouth to breathe. It took us by surprise at first, immediately feeling uncomfortable with how different it was only to then realize how interesting it was that this was the way they celebrated. We also passed a very large group of people standing in the street with loud music playing and lively dancing. Thinking that this was just some party taking place (maybe another Carnaval celebration), I was shocked to see that the music and dances was circling a casket. It had been a funeral - a true celebration of life. 

As today was the weekend, the crowd at the beach was much larger than it was when we were there Thursday. A little overwhelmed at first, we had a blast meeting foreigners from all over the world. People who were on short vacations, staying temporarily for work, or even people who ended up moving to Haiti - All of them having a different story to tell. 

This entire trip has been filled with moments that have left me speechless, in awe, in heartache, and in happiness. Wondering how one place can make me feel all these emotions at once, I've realized that these moments are the reason why a piece of my heart will forever stay in Haiti. 

Becca Jarson