June Haiti Impact Trip Day 1 - Lauren & Lindsey


Hello, our names are Lauren and Lindsey we flew down from Chicago with our soccer coach Anne.  We came to help teach kids English and run soccer camps. Our first reaction was being very overwhelmed in such little time. When we got off the plane people were nice and offered to help with our bags. Walking outside the airport you get surrounded by people offering different things. We got in the car and on the ride to the house we got to see the aspect of the way they live. Cars are filled to the max. The simplicity of the way they live is so eye-opening, they are so used to this way of living. The food and the culture is so different yet similar. As we walked around town we got to see a little bit of their way of life. The city is very congested and people, cars, houses, and animals everywhere. Overall with seeing things from the first day, we feel a changed mindset but yet overwhelmed at the same time. We both are looking forward to seeing where this trip will bring us and how we will move forward of experiencing this lifestyle.