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Kick it Back Feature Part 1: Dick Mueler


Meet Dick Mueller. He is a part of our Kick it Back campaign. The Sanneh Foundation fills up containers with used and unused soccer equipment, which we then distribute all across the world, through people who actually travel to these places. Dick has a unique story of his own.


In 2006, his granddaughter took a trip to Uganda. She experienced so many new things that after coming back to the states and sharing her experience with her family, they all decided to take the trip out there together then next year. It was then that Dick met a soccer coach in Uganda named Akeem, who wanted to start a soccer program 70 miles outside of the city, and was in dire need of help. "What if I bring you things?" Dick suggested. Ever since then, he has made frequent trips to Uganda delivering soccer balls, jerseys, cleats, and various other goods. "The first time I brought him a bunch of uniforms, he had never had them before," says dick. "He actually cried."


The Kick it Back campaign is going strong, and will continue to grow with stories like Mr. Mueller's. He has dedicated much of his time to supporting the youth of Uganda.


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