MLK Day Statement from CEO Tony Sanneh


We celebrate the life of a great man today, who taught us justice and peace.  Patience for change is not one of my strongest qualities.  I believe we all deserve better and we all need better.

One of the quotes from Dr. King reminds me that time is not on our side, and what we have at stake will require hard work to move things forward.

Thank you to an incredible staff who give from themselves on a daily basis to help support change.  We won't give up and we won't quit until what we see is not what we see now.

As we work together to bring people together let's work at it together.  Let's lead by example that some things are not only worth fighting for, but some things are our human right and require we put all of our efforts into promising change.

“Human progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability. It comes through the tireless efforts and the persistent work of dedicated individuals. And without this hard work, time itself becomes the ally of the insurgent and primitive forces of irrational emotionalism and social stagnation, so that we must somehow get rid of this idea that time alone will solve the problem. We must use time.”