MLK Day Statement from CEO Tony Sanneh

"Every year, on this day, we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1968, when Dr. King was assassinated, and 2020 have many parallels, but not because history repeats itself. The similarities between then and now are because our institutions and systems continue to recreate the very same disparities and inequities for black and brown communities. We can celebrate life, and remember Dr. King in 2021, but the work of justice which he righteously personified cannot be an annual historical exercise. He left us with many examples of how to do the work of justice. He also left us with a roadmap in his final book, 'Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community.' The solutions he identified remain the work we must do:

1) Equity in education

2) Economic justice and opportunity

3) Organizing and coalition building.

The Sanneh Foundation celebrates this important day by renewing our commitment to these three pillars of activism, to go from the chaos of where we are now, and towards community."

—Tony Sanneh, CEO of the Sanneh Foundation