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New Program Offers Opportunity To Get Paid While Earning a Master's Degree

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The Sanneh Foundation is partnering with St. Mary’s University of Minnesota to provide a pathway program for educators seeking their teaching license. This pathway program will allow for Dreamline Coaches to receive St. Mary’s University coursework and curriculum, while actively in schools having hands on experience. St. Mary’s University offers state-approved credit-bearing programs in ESL and Special Education, in which combined with the hands on experience can develop qualified candidates into licensed teachers in a two year timeframe. Dreamline Coaches work in schools four days a week, with one day a week of instruction and training in academic, behavioral, social-emotional, and recreational intervention, allowing for direct application of theory to practice. The specially designed pathway program also includes two intensive summers of teacher licensure preparation coursework. Candidates also have the opportunity to complete an additional semester to earn a master’s degree in either ESL or Special Education, while being compensated.

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As schools are becoming more and more diverse with students, Guidance to students from teachers who reflect the diverse communities of the schools in which they work will be an important factor in the development of youth. Our Dreamline program seeks to help be that factor, as each day the lack of diversity of teachers in schools is becoming more noticeable, and more of a discussion. The Sanneh Foundation has been working to make a difference in schools through its Dreamline program, not only to inspire students to improve and maintain grades, graduate high school, and pursue going to college, but also to inspire young men and women of color to make an impact by becoming teachers. With the need for more teachers of color in schools across the state of Minnesota, research from the U.S. Department of Education shows that there are social, emotional, and educational benefits of having teachers of color for all students.

In our Dreamline program, we are working to close the statewide achievement gap by pairing students with tutors and mentors that look like them. In doing this, we aim to increase academic success by having educators in schools to match the increasing diversity in classrooms across the state each year. “When we look for a highly effective partner, we always look at our shared values”, says Rebecca Hopkins, St. Mary’s Dean and Director of Education. “When we were thinking about ways we could partner to provide the pathways for licensure for the Dreamline coaches, it just fit so beautifully.”

Thank you to all who helped to make this pathway partnership happen, as we are thrilled to be able to partner with St. Mary’s University to reduce barriers for Dreamline coaches seeking their teaching license, and to provide our educational system with more teachers who are racially and ethnically representative of the student population in our local schools and communities, with the goal of increasing student achievement.

Find out how to apply here.

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