Green Stick Army

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In 2013, Manu Gallur started collecting garbage with his Green Stick while taking his dog on a walk by the Mississippi River in the North Loop of Minneapolis.  One day, Manu was walking, picking up trash with Dolce, his dog, when two little kids around 12 years old, one on roller blades and the other one biking, went past him.  They then sat on a bench further down. As Manu reached their level, one of them stopped and said to him "Sir, sir!", handing him something and said "thank you for picking up trash." He took it and further down opened his hand.  Only then did he realize what it was and what was written on it.

It was a gold coin with the following written on it: "A kind look, a kind deed may be the help that someone needs.  Pass it on.  You made me smile!"  That day, Manu realized the impact he had on those kids and decided to make a difference.  Be part of the Green Stick Army!

Green Stick Army is dedicated to environmental betterment through education and community outreach.  In summer 2018, Green Stick Army became an initiative of The Sanneh Foundation.  Youth at camps cleaned the park where they were playing soccer.  Youth at Conway Community Center also clean the park surrounding Conway as part of Green Stick Army.