The Sanneh Foundation is now on TikTok! The Foundation launched our new social media account this Thursday. The account will highlight the day-to-day ongoing activities of Sanneh and our team, starting with summer soccer and basketball camps. 

The new platform is a great space to interact with young people. The Sanneh Foundation has always centered our actions on youth participation and youth engagement; our youth workforce feeds families, mentors students, and teaches youth sports camps. Our activities are focused on empowering youth through all forms of community engagement, on and offline. Because of our particular focus on youth empowerment, Sanneh wants to find the best way to reach out to youths on social media. Tiktok has a rapidly growing audience of youth and Sanneh hopes to showcase our work with youth using this powerful tool. TikTok has over 689 million active global users, it is currently the 7th most used social media platform. 62% of TikTok users are under 29 and 32% of users are between ages 10-19. Meanwhile, 83% of users have posted a video. This is all exciting news for Sanneh, we hope to reach all these young people through one of their favorite apps while also allowing them to participate in creating their own Sanneh inspired videos.

More and more people of all ages are jumping on the bandwagon. As the app's overall user base gets older, Sanneh will continue to show our work and mission to all who come to our account. The Foundation’s TikTok is already up and running where viewers can find Sanneh founder Tony Sanneh welcoming them to the account. Follow our account @sannehfoundation to keep up with our work.