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St. Cloud Schools Receive $1,500 Donation for Transportation Assistance from St. Cloud Rotary Club

St Cloud Dreamline

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - St. Cloud, MN

In January, The St. Cloud Rotary Club invited Program Manager Kim Johnson and Program Coordinator Otis Morris to one of their meetings to do a presentation on The Sanneh Foundation’s Dreamline program.  Kim and Otis shared that an important piece of the Dreamline program is the homework help/enrichment activities after school.

They also shared that many students are not able to attend these activities due to lack of transportation.  After the meeting, the Rotary informed Kim and Otis that they were donating $1,500 to the Dreamline program in St. Cloud to purchase bus tokens for the students at Technical High School, Apollo High School and McKinley High School.  This was a great opportunity to share with the St. Cloud Community about The Sanneh Foundation and the donation was great news to hear.  We are excited that more students can now participate in the afterschool programs!

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