Sanneh Spotlight: Laquita Davis

Our Spotlight series highlights Sanneh Foundation community members. The Spotlight series introduces Sanneh members to the world on a personal level. Through interpersonal connection, Spotlight aims to bridge the gap between community members and The Sanneh Foundation.

Years at Sanneh: 1 Pronouns: She/Her Role at Sanneh: Dreamline Coach/Promise Fellow Working at: Johnson Senior High


What is your favorite quote?  

“Listen to yourself and in that quietude, you might hear the voice of God.”                                       

-Maya Angelou

Quick Snapshot

Hello, my name is Laquita Davis and I am from Madison Wisconsin (Go packers!) I have been a  Promise Fellow at Johnson Senior High since January 2020. I love working with the youth. This is my sixth year and I am proud of my journey. I have experience in the school system as a bus aide, tutor, educational assistant, and an academic interventionist. The way I got into education is unexplainable, I believe that God called me to it. I am passionate about children and their well-being. I am also passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and mental health.

Who was your role model growing up?

As a child I didn’t have any role models, but the person who I am proud to call my role model today is the one and only Maya Angelou. The late Maya Angelou is my role because she exuded wisdom and humility. She had patience with herself, her thoughts, and for others. She spoke highly about African Americans and shared her spotlight with us.

How has COVID-19 changed you? How do you approach the work now?

Since COVID, work has been challenging. I’ve found it difficult to interact with the students and challenging to get them to join a meeting for homework help. Since COVID, I would describe my work as very busy.

I am grateful that I’m still able to work, thanks to The Sanneh Foundation. I’m honored that I’m being utilized to help out the community and families during this tough time. In the future I see myself running a successful organization for the youth, helping them heal from trauma while showing them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and giving them an unlimited amount of love and patience.