Teacher Pathway Program Testimonials

Hear from participants about why they decided to join the program to become a teacher!

Goly Yang

teacher pathway programSince I was young, my dream was always to be a teacher. I went to the U of M with the intention of majoring in elementary education, took my requisites and was on track to begin the foundation courses. As I explored more into the education system I felt that it was missing something, it was an outdated educational system that didn't cater to the needs of specific youth and that the system was broken. I felt that there was something different that I was meant to do but at the same time still work with youth. During this time of internal struggle of deciding what to do, I saw that there was a Youth Studies major, which is youth-focused, youth-centered and appealed to me so much more. I went on to graduate with a Youth Studies degree and have been doing youthwork for many years. With the experience that I have now, and the knowledge I gained from a Youth Studies degree, I feel that now is the time that I can enter the schools and be confident that yes, the educational system may not be perfect, but with the knowledge, skills and techniques I have learned these past years will make me the best educator I can be. I believe my perspective of youth is seen through many lenses, not only are they just students in the classroom, but the realization that they also play different roles in their lives. Once they enter the classroom my job isn't just to teach them what they are required to learn in school but also learn about them, their needs and their struggles. Seeing that I, someone who they could potentially spendĀ  more time with then their own families, could impact their lives in more ways than expected. I want that impact not only be about education and how well they can do, but also be able to provide a space and environment that nurtures their growth, mentally and emotionally, being able to help them navigate through their struggles and being a positive role model that they feel comfortable to approach about anything. Once a positive relationship is built, that's the foundation for trust and that when teaching becomes easier. I believe that this is what I am meant to do, and going through this program will definitely make my dreams finally come true.