A World Cup Message from 2002 to 2022

Thank you for making me proud to be an American and exemplifying the values that make this country great.   You are the youngest team in history, with an average age under 25 years of age.  You have navigated an unprecedented geo-political situation beyond your control. You play with class and style while bringing  us to the edge of our seats, not sitting back, not being afraid but playing every match to win.. Thank you for fighting, and your hard work.  This country was built on hard work and I think it is a value that is often overlooked and nothing happens without hard work.   Thank you for your diversity of experience, thought, and backgrounds.  You have players playing all over the world with rich international histories.  You represent what America is today.  Thank you for your role in gender equality and being the 1st to recognize your privilege and willingness to set an example for equal pay and investment in women's rights.  Thank you for your humility and respect for other nations and thank you for your humanity as evident in seeing your players embrace others after beating them.  Thank you for Winning, and showing us you have all the values stated above and Still Win.  Thank you for bringing us together and reminding us what it means to be America. No matter what happens the rest of the tournament you have made us proud.