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Conway Cheer Team Walks Away With Crowd-Pleasing Gold

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You knew it was good when the jumbo monitor in the ballroom caught a member of the scene-stealing Conway Cheer Team leaning over to tell another team member while taking a bow, "They're giving us a standing ovation!"
The standing ovation was indicative of how the Conway Cheer Team, comprised of girls ages 8-14, stole the show during the Eighth Annual TSF Gala4Goals, prompting the audience to rise to their feet while giving thunderous applause to the girls' dance routine, performed to the hit single, "What about us," featured on Pink's Top 10 Beautiful Trauma album.
As members of the Conway Cheer team strutted out of the ballroom, following their performance, some of the girls had tears streaming down their face, others were visibly shaking with joy, while still others were hugging each other and jumping up and down.
When asked about the Conway Cheer Team, TSF founder and CEO, Tony Sanneh said, "These proud girls came into my office and told me they wanted to dance.  I told them, 'Maybe.'  But, being the strong, empowered young women they are, they wouldn't let it die.  These young women understood they had the freedom to express themselves and the confidence to share their amazing talent in front of 1,200 people.  These girls are the mission and the message of The Sanneh Foundation!"
On the day after the performance, when members of the Cheer Team were asked how they felt, the responses ranged from "I felt strong," to, "I was scared, then happy," to, "I can't wait for next year."  Other responses from Cheer Team members were, "It was incredible," "I was proud of myself," and, "The atmosphere was beautiful."
Tony Sanneh responded to the Cheer Team members' comments by saying, "The responses we got back from the girls are exactly in line with the Social Emotional Learning goals of all our programs.  These are the kind of activities that instill confidence, pride, and self-assurance in our young people.  We need as many opportunities as possible to see our young people shine."
The team of 25 girls who practice their original dance routines during the after-school program at the Conway Community Center not only wowed the audience but walked away with this year's crowd-pleasing Gold.
Watch the video below: