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Dreamline’s Purpose

Dreamline builds trusting relationships that lead to student-defined success. Dreamline partners with schools to strengthen a student’s learning environment and support three core dimensions of a student’s development: social, emotional, and cognitive.  This helps young people define their own path to success by helping them to:


With their peers, school and community


Their physical and emotional well-being


Academic success and graduate high school


For life after high school

Student-Defined Success

Research Indicates Social Emotional and Academic Learning (SEAD) Matters:

  • Academic behaviors are closely tied to student’s social, emotional, and behavioral functioning
  • Students learn more and classrooms are more effective when adolescents have the skill to manage emotions, focus their attention, successfully navigate relationships with peers and adults, persist in the face of difficulty, learn from and apply academic content, and problem solve.
  • The wider community must be engaged to enhance the strength, depth and pace of acquisition of these competencies.

Equitable Learning Environments

The desire for equitable communities and equitable learning environments drives The Sanneh Foundation’s Dreamline work. Dreamline coaches work diligently to put any and all systems in place to ensure that every Dreamline student has the support they need to be successful. This includes providing services such as transportation when needed and connecting to young people with existing social services.

Dreamline’s Strategies



Student academic achievement and success is central to the student-Dreamline coach mentoring partnership. Coaches use both formal and informal mentoring to assist young people in developing crucial life skills, including interpersonal communication, learning how to set goals and create action plans to achieve them, and how to navigate social and school systems. Dreamline Coaches additionally serve as a direct link to the students in times of challenges; affording students the opportunity to utilize their Dreamline Coach and mentoring network to troubleshoot in a positive, strengths-based manner.

Expanded Learning Opportunities

Expanded learning opportunities are intentional, focused, highly- targeted, and culturally-appropriate experiences that increase the amount of time students engage in learning. During non-school hours, opportunities such as sports, mindfulness practices and other areas of student-defined interest allow the students to maximize time with his or her Dreamline Coach, to engage in intentional and focused educational and recreational enrichment. Thus, allowing the students to spend more time building a deep, meaningful relationship with an adult outside of his or her immediate family, and to facilitate a sense of belonging among peers.

Dreamline Intranet

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