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Dreamline Staff Retreat Provides "Breath of Fresh Air" for Coaches

Friday, April 14, 2017 - Maple Grove, MN

The life of a Dreamline Coach is not an easy one during the school year. They come into their respective schools before seven in the morning and often don't leave until after school activities end at 5:30 p.m. They were rewarded for their hard work this year on Friday with a full day of sports, a barbecue, and miscellaneous team activities during the Dreamline staff retreat at Weaver Lake Park in Maple Grove.

The entire event was planned and organized by a group of lead coaches and promise fellows with the assistance of Dreamline Leadership. It all started off with a couple icebreaker activities and the coaches being broken off into four teams at random. This was another great opportunity for the coaches working in St. Cloud to have the chance to work with the Twin Cities Metro Area coaches

For the first of the team activities, two of the teams were sent to the parking lot to play a game of street soccer, while the other two teams laced up their basketball shoes for a game of five-on-five. After two highly competitive games, everyone gathered back together for lunch. Sovatha Oum, the Dreamline Program Manager in St. Paul, was the grill master for the day. He made enough hot dogs and turkey and Venison burgers for the entire staff, while everyone else contributed by bringing side dishes.

When everyone was done eating, they were released back into their teams and got together for a "brain teaser" activity. The worksheet consisted of ten riddle-type questions that the coaches had 30 minutes to work on before coming back together with the group to discuss the answers. The retreat was wrapped up with a group kickball game that ended up being an 8-2 blowout victory for team "Looney Tunes."

"I wanted lead coaches to have an opportunity to plan a day of fun to revitalize Dreamline coaches to finish out the year strong," said Dreamline Director of Programs Kehinde Reuben. "The vision was a day of friendly competition to strengthen relationships, decompress, but most of all to have FUN!  And I think we achieved that goal." The day was filled with great spirits, food, and plenty of competition as the teams battled to see who was the best of the best! Now, on to the rest of the school year. Finish strong, Dreamline coaches!

Check out the photo album from the event right here.

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