April Haiti Impact Trip Day 2 4/3/2018 - Kristen Flom


April 3, 2018 ...my first full day in Port-au-Prince.  Today included visiting the history museum, walking through centre ville, teaching English, distributing t-shirts and soccer shoes at the Sanneh Foundation center, walking through Cité du Soleil, eating dinner at the guest house and reflecting about our adventures.  What an amazing day!  It's hard to summarize a day that's full of things familiar and new.  The familiarity of eggs and coffee for breakfast, the hustle and bustle of morning traffic, people setting up their shops for the day, proud smiling facing of kids who correctly answered a question in English.  The unfamiliarity of a random hog foraging at the beach, the shanties which serve as housing for some, the poetic magic of accident free car rides in which traffic signs seem to be merely a suggestion.  I'm eager to continue on this journey of discovery – eyes and heart wide open!

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