June Haiti Impact Trip Day 4 - Hannah & Kendra


Greetings from Haiti on day 4! Hannah and Kendra here with your quick update for the day! This morning we went to Papillion which is a Haitian run coffee shop and gift store that aims to keep families together by offering a living wage and daycare for their kids. We took a tour of their facility and saw how they made all their products. After the tour, we were able to recharge our phones at the café and eat a delicious lunch with some of the best smoothies we have ever had!

This afternoon we drove up into the mountains where the temperature dropped 20 degrees (which was a bonus) and ran a clinic for the orphanage and others in the community that wanted to join. There were about 100 kids there in total, ranging from ages 4-15. The kids seemed to really enjoy the day and so did we. Although we have gone without power for a majority of this week, we finally got state power later in the day and were able to enjoy the cold AC to top the day off! Overall another fantastic day here in Haiti!