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St. Paul and Minneapolis Mayors Grge Gala Crowd To Continue Supporting TSF Programs

TSF not only had one of the new Minnesota major-city mayors in attendance, but both mayors of the state's two largest cities, St. Paul Mayor, Melvin Carter, and Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey, took the stage at the eighth annual TSF Gala4Goals.  In office for just over one month, both new mayors exuded a youthful vigor as they encouraged gala participants to continue supporting TSF programs and services.  "This is an amazing organization," gushed Mayor Carter.  "I learned a lot about life through athletics.  They [TSF] shape engage students.  They teach skills.  They connect.  This event is a big testament to this organization."
Mayor Frey mirrored Mayor Carter's positive comments about TSF, while taking a humorous jab at his St. Paul counterpart, "While you're all driving home from this event on the unplowed streets of St. Paul, just know I'm the mayor of Minneapolis." Watch the video below: