The Jack Brewer Foundation & Haitian Initiative Partner To Provide Food For Youth In Haiti

The Sanneh Foundation (TSF) has graciously accepted emergency food relief from The Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF Worldwide) to provide a month’s worth of nutrition support for the 350 youth participants of the Haitian Initiative (H-I) program in the commune of Cite Soleil, Haiti.

The country of Haiti has been experiencing a famine crisis since early 2020 due to recent political unrest. Since the first cases of Coronavirus were confirmed last week, the entire country has been put under a national curfew, schools have been cancelled indefinitely, and security conditions in Cite Soleil have deteriorated with the renewal of gang warfare.

In this time of crisis, Former NFL player and CEO of The Brewer Group, Jack Brewer has stepped up through his foundation, JBF Worldwide, who already serve over 500 people in the country on a regular basis, to make sure that over 1,000 of the most impoverished Haitian population, including the 350 Haitian Initiative children we serve in Cite Soleil, have secured enough food for the month of April and into May. Jack Brewer and JBF Worldwide partnered with Acra Industries, Greentree Financial, Mike Lindell, and MyPillow to provide the funds and coordination needed to secure these food deliveries. 

“When airports and distribution centers are threatened to shut down, people start to hoard supplies and the poorest are affected most. I knew it was time to pull together the resources and a team to help coordinate the safe delivery to those who are not in the position to get the food they need in this time of crisis” says Jack Brewer.

Thanks to Brewer, The Haitian Initiative staff was able to visit a local food bank near Cite Soleil over the weekend and safely retrieve enough supplies to fulfill all of April’s nutritional needs for 350 youth. 

In this time, we have an opportunity to rethink and permanently change the way communities come together and support each other,” said Tony Sanneh, Founder of Haitian Initiative and CEO of The Sanneh Foundation. “Doing good is contagious and I’m grateful for leaders like Jack Brewer who is at the forefront of initiating this change.”

Update: The Sanneh Foundation has also launched a “Back to School Campaign” to help children return to school after COVID and civil unrest derailed school attendance.

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