The Sanneh Foundation Hands Out Pepsi Products While Hundreds Wait For Food Support

Earlier this month, Pepsi answered a call for help by delivering 3 pallets of drinks to distribute to the Conway Community Center in St. Paul where The Sanneh Foundation runs meal distribution programs every week day 1-4pm.

As the state of Minnesota continues to practice social distancing measures, schools have been closed for the year, businesses are letting go of staff, and many in the St. Paul area are becoming in need of food support.

The growing need of this program became the most evident last Friday, April 14th when cars began to line up at 11:30am for the 1pm meal distribution time. By 12:30pm over 200 vehicles were lined up around the blocks encompassing Conway Community Center.

During this time, staff and volunteers were able to use the Pepsi donation to hand out to waiting families in order to keep them refreshed and their spirits up as they waited in this long line.