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Join the TSF Team

THANK YOU for your interest in The Sanneh Foundation! We are always looking for dedicated people to join or team as employees, volunteers, coaches and interns.


Volunteers, Internships & Service Projects

Every new Volunteer (including coaches/referees), Intern or Community Service Worker needs to complete the profile that is linked below. This profile will give us everything we need to know about you, your contact information, what you are looking to do, and your availability.

  • We are always in need of willing people to help out at any number of events or programs throughout the year. Sometimes it's helping a kid for an hour with school work, taking tickets at the Burger Battle or helping out at a Kick it Back event. Please let us know where your interest lies within the organization!

  • We need coaches who can train at least two days a week with indoor games on the weekends.

  • Experienced referees needed to manage indoor soccer games - (this could be a paid position) Should have own equipment and be certified to be considered for paid status otherwise its volunteer only.

  • If you are willing to volunteer, we will find a spot for you!

Open TSF Positions

Interested in a job at The Sanneh Foundation?

If you would like to apply for a job at The Sanneh Foundation, please fill out our job application

Dreamline Careers

The Sanneh Foundation is recruiting and hiring full-time Dreamline Corps coaches to join a highly skilled youth development team. Dreamline coaches offer in-school academic support and deliver afterschool enrichment and program activities. Targeting students who disengage academically and feel disconnected from school, Dreamline coaches use relationship building as a tool to improve academic performance and self-efficacy, and the overall school climate. Coaches are also expected to participate in other Sanneh Foundation responsibilities as needed.

For additional questions and to apply, please contact the Dreamline department at

For inquiries about additional positions or to submit your resume and cover letter, please email

Thank you.